[refer Constitution of Plurals, Articles 3.2, 5.2]

Who are Ambassadors? An Active Member of Plurals who is responsible for making minimum 100 new members for the Party, shall be considered as the Ambassador of the party. The status of Ambassador shall be the minimum criteria for holding a political or Executive post in the party. Ambassador is the basic unit at Panchayat (rural) and Ward (urban) level and all Ambassadors shall be ex-officio members of the Block Senate from where they shall be further elected for Block Syndicate, District Senate, District Syndicate, State Senate, State Syndicate, National Senate and National Syndicate.

The Ambassador shall be in-charge of the Party’s functioning in the designated area. She/he shall execute various programs and policies of the Party in the area, shall supervise the team of Party workers and oversee their performance; and also shall report any violation of Party’s Code of Conduct or breach of discipline conducted by any member in the Panchayat and Ward.

The updated list of the Ambassadors of Plurals shall be published here very soon. However, in between, if you think that you have already achieved the status of the Ambassador by making 100 new members, then you can submit your claim by filling a simple form. For this, you must submit a pdf file of minimum 100 certificates of the new members pertains to your area.