Your Representative

‘We cannot afford status quo, because
stillness in the fast moving
world today means going back.
Choose moving forward’

PLURALS is not just a political party, but a political revolution, which is based on the idea that every life is valuable and deserves to be treated as an end in itself and not merely as means to an end. Diversity is our strength and progress is possible only when everyone governs. This was the idea behind the decades of struggle for independence, which we won (at least at the time). Unfortunately, over the years we have become complacent merely by being governed by ‘our people’. Undoubtedly, we share the colour of our skin, or speak the same language, or share the so-called ‘identity’. But are they really ‘our people’? It is unreasonable to form an allegiance with the people of the political class, which lacks even the most basic quality to govern- empathy.

Over the years, it has become difficult for the majority of the Bihar to progress. The government responds only to people with strong connections- the current ruling class. Everyone else is left behind. The quality of life is extremely sub-standard, and the life of the common citizen has no value. A significant number of people die, go missing, are killed, and raped every month but they do not even make news headlines. And when they do, state remains completely unresponsive. Yes, the government here pretends to care only when something gets out. Unarguably, it is delusional to think that ‘everyone governs’ here, and consequently we are far from being free

The world is progressing very rapidly, yet, Bihar continues to be the least developed region in the world. We are still at the bottom in the country too. Moreover, it is not about the rank that we hold but about what that rank represents. Poverty, malnourishment, illiteracy, unemployment and all other development indices that require urgent policy action. These parameters lead to fatalities every day in Bihar.

After 73 years of Independence, we still get displaced almost every year due to flood, which along with every other adversity according to the government is natural and unavoidable. ‘It was not preventable and had to happen’ is government’s standard public statement on all disasters (if and when they care to even issue a public statement). It is normal here to misinform public to cover up incompetence. Fact? Development has never been on government’s agenda. Since independence, the government could not even build a Drainage System and other basic infrastructure in the state capital, let alone the entire state. We humans have constructed sea links, earthquake-resistant buildings, undersea trains and travelled to the moon.

In 2020, if you think underdevelopment is inevitable, they have succeeded in playing you. We deserve better and better is possible. In 2020, we have a choice to make – move forward with Plurals and build a progressive Bihar together, or go back my maintaining the status quo that makes only the incompetent politicians and criminals more powerful. That’s the choice. It is simple but extremely important.

Pushpam Priya Choudhary

President, Plurals

MA, Development Studies,
Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, UK

Master of Public Administration,
London School of Economics & Political Science, UK